League of Legends Patch Notes 11.16

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The 11.16 patch notes emphasize the importance of Sona and Karma.

Patch notes are here.

All Champions


E – Bladework Cooldown rate: 11-5 to 11-7


In Diana, passive monster damage has occurred.

Damage Rate: 300% to 250%.

3.Jarvan IV

Damage has occurred from 8% to 10%. Target health has lowered.

Passive current health damage is from 8 to 10%, while R bonus attack damage rate is 150 to 180%.

R – Cataclysm

Bonus damage ranges from 150 to 180%.


W – Deadly Flourish

W-Deadly Flourish damage rate is 50 to 90%.

R – Curtain Call

In R- Curtain Call damage rate has also been noted. The minimum damage rate is 20-25%.

1.Lee Sin

Let’s see the damage rate of W minicamp. The damage rate is from 10-30% to 5-25%.


Passive Gathering Fire

There is an on-hit cooldown decrease. When Mantra performs her basic strikes against an opposing champion, her cooldown rate is no longer lower than 1 second.

Q – Inner Flame

Base damage ranges from 90 to 70%. Damage rates are increasing.

The cooldown rate is 8 to 9%.

Mention 3 Rank Updates

1.Third Queue Dodge Penalty

There is now a third penalty category for queue-jumping. If a player dodges three times in 24 hours, they will be locked out of the MOBA queue for 12 hours and lose 10 LP.

2.Friends Leaderboard

There is the addition of a new social leaderboard to-rated Summoner’s Rift lobbies.

3.Flex Queue

Flex players with a master or above rating can no longer queue alongside flex players with platinum or below rating.

Coven Ahir

They arrived at Ahri as night began to fall. The Half-Light Jackal’s laughing was always haunting the planet as it went towards its eventual dissolution. Ahri is a terrible predator and a strong witch who sucks the life out of anybody she can get close to her, siphoning it away to her master in the shadows.


1.Warwick’s R- Infinite Durness Cancels Due to a Glitch

The problem is fix when R- Infinite Durness has used mid-jump and the target flashes.

2.Tryndamere’s W- Mocking Shout Was Not Contributing Due to a Glitch

If the opponent champion was facing him, there was a glitch where there was no contribution to Eclipse’s Ever Rising Moon.

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