Is Coaching and Boosting the Same in Team Fight Tactics?

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In the world of sports, there are levels to that. There is the first sub-junior level then the junior level and finally, the senior sport in which world-class athletes take part. The difference between the sub-junior and the senior-level. The difference is the way these athletes prepare themselves for the game. The way they train, the way they get taught the surroundings that they find themselves in. Other than that they also change their mentor or coach from level to level.

Just like in human contact sports esports also has its hierarchy in different shapes and forms. Of course, esports is not in the near sight of contact sports and its fan base but still, it is massive, and just like in contact sports the players also change the way that they are getting trained. They change their coaches or if they get selected in a proper team then they change their teams to get better. So the point I am trying to make is that in esports after a certain level, you need to change your coaching but if you are just starting and want to get better as fast as possible getting a coach will serve you the best.

In games like Team Fight Tactics where you don’t have first-hand input in real-time, there’s no space for you to get better by playing a lot. You have to watch another pro or a good player’s match to understand the game more. No matter if that player is your coach or your booster and if you don’t know the difference between them then in this blog I am going to talk about it. In this blog, we will discuss coaching and boosting. What is the difference between them and which one you should get? And at the end, we will have an answer to the question “Is coaching and boosting the same in team fight tactics?:

What is coaching: 

Getting a coach is a preference of a player. If you want to get better at a sport and have money, then hiring a TFT coach is the best thing to do. It is the same in competitive games while the skill ceiling in video games varies from person to person and if you take your game seriously then hiring someone better than you is the best move on the board. About what coaching is in team fight tactics let me explain it thoroughly. As you know TFT is an auto battler game which means that you essentially do strategies for your team and position them for maximum effectiveness. Team fight tactics is an easy game to play but a hard one to master. That is why In team fight tactics getting a coach is a wise decision. A coach will be able to put together pieces of information about your gameplay and will make a workaround for your mistakes. He also will give you gameplay tips about what to do and when to do and most importantly he will keep you motivated throughout his sessions. A Coach will teach you how to be the best version of yourself. Coaching is a process that you need to get through to be better at something. The coach can only teach you things, it’s you who has to perform and deliver when it matters.

What is boosting:

Boosting is entirely different from coaching. There are ways that I can explain this so here it goes. When you hire a coach, the coach will only be able to give you tips and make strategies for you to overcome your mistakes but it is you who needs to put in the work and put in the hours of grinding to become better and better. In boosting it is an entirely different story it is essentially a service that you find on the web. Now if you hire a booster, he will not teach you anything or will give you any tips to get better at the game because he is only there to boost your account’s rank. In boosting you hire a better player to play on your in the exchange of money. The higher the booster gets his money. It is not up to me to tell you if getting boosted is ethical or not. It will be your own decision if you want to pay someone to increase your rank for you.

In simple terms a coach is someone who will teach you how to play the game and he will provide all the necessary information about overcoming your mistakes. He will be a guide for you to become better. On the other hand, boosting is when you want to get a good rank instantly and want to take an easier route to success. you pay the booster he ranks you up and that is the end of story. If you hire a booster, you’ll most likely stay in the same skill group as you were before but you will get placed in a higher rank match. I don’t know if it will help you or not but it can be a good experience for you to learn the game even more.

What should you choose?:

Hiring a coach or getting a booster to rank you up is a personal choice. I cannot dictate you to hire a coach or to hire a booster. If you want to a simple guide to follow to know that which service, you need than here it is:


Hiring a coach is a good solution if you want to get better as fast as possible. you will recover from your mistakes faster while also you will also be able to maximize your skill set in the game. the drawback in hiring a coach is that he can only teach you stuff and that is you who must put in the efforts yourself to improve.


Hiring a booster can also be beneficial for you if you know what your end goal is. Getting boosted will be the fastest way to rank up in the game. this way you’ll get the best rank that you can afford pretty fast. but there’s a drawback in getting boosted and that is some players don’t learn anything by playing in higher Elo games. They also lose the rank in a month or two after getting demolished by higher rank players. My advice would be that if you want to get boosted then you have to get better at the game afterwards because if you don’t you will most likely lose your rank.

to conclude the blog and to answer the question that is boosting and coaching are the same in team fight tactics then i think that i’ve made that very clear but if you are looking for a one line answer then “NO“ Boosting and coaching are two different and separate services that you can buy off of the internet”. The only thing that these two services have in common is that both makes you a better player of Team fight tactics.