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Plunge into the ocean of darkness

Built from the ground up for VR, Radiant Crusade is a stylized fusion between a co-operative take on the wave defense genre, and the high intensity action and freedom of Twisted Metal combat.

Players are granted the freedom to explore their environment with unshackled locomotion thanks to intuitive and fluid driving controls, while fully utilizing head tracking to grant an unparalleled feeling of control and responsiveness.
Armed with 4 powerful abilities that manipulate Spacetime, survive against an onslaught of dark creatures seeking to expel you from their realm of darkness.

  • Pilot your own intuitive and versatile vehicle anywhere in the realm
  • Upgrade every component in your arsenal with an expansive skill tree.
  • Survive increasingly imposing waves of enemies
Radiant Crusade Gameplay
Radiant Crusade Gameplay Radiant Crusade Gameplay

Behind the Scenes

During Ubisoft's 2016 Game Lab Competition, the Radiant Crusade team of Concordia University was nominated 4 times, for best game, best user experience & interface design and best artistic direction, and won for best character, camera and controls.

Due to the success of the game, some members of the team worked hard to release a virtual reality version of the game, that is now available on Steam and Oculus home.
Current members:

  • Eric Provencher - Lead developer
  • Gabriel St-Amant - UI, texturing & branding designer
  • Simon Nguyen - 3D modeler & concept artist
  • Paul Husek - Systems programmer
  • Eric Philippona - AI developer
  • Jonathan Cohen - Sound designer & musician
Radiant Crusade Behind the Scenes Radiant Crusade Behind the Scenes
Radiant Crusade Behind the Scenes